I began working in the field of massage therapy in 1991. After my initial training at the National Holistic Institute, I trained in Neuromuscular Therapy, St. John Method. Somatic movement training followed with Carol Welch and her BioSomatics program. I’ve also been greatly influenced by Deane Juhan and the Trager Method as well as Thai massage. Principles of Tai Chi also influence my practice and classes.


Early in my bodywork practice, I realized that true health begins with the individual and that I am at my best as a teacher and coach. I don’t attempt to “fix” anyone, but rather attempt to help people understand attitudes, postures, and habits that may be part of their pain. To some degree we are all blind to the “elusive obvious” within ourselves - things that others see immediately. Awakening to some of these things can bring a new perspective and understanding of the function of pain.

I've had the privilege of working with adults of all ages, some for many years. I have watched the stages of life closely, listening to the stories and learning endlessly. It has made me more realistic and compassionate. Bodies change;  joints change; shapes change. There is no ideal shape, only a more comfortable way to inhabit our own.