Are you fluent in the language of the body?

We communicate with the body through its language - motion.

When communication breaks down, through a lack of variety in our motion, the body alerts us through pain and discomfort. As adults we tend to use only a very small fraction of the range of motion available to us, even though we may be exercising. Our bodies are truly happiest when we engage them in a much greater variety of motion. 

This program is a sequence of exercises that engages all of the joints, especially the many that make up the spine, in a full range of motion. They are relatively easy to execute, but challenge us on a mental, as much as physical level, alerting us to tension patterns that have kept us in their grip for years, and teaching us to let them go. In this way we learn to control muscles that used to control us, bringing a new sense of empowerment. No longer are we victims of the body, but its partner in discovery.


Join me for a private lesson, where you will learn valuable tools that can serve you for a lifetime. 

Contact: Tom Stifler510-229-0223


Instructional video now available!

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"I am empowered knowing that I will always have these exercises to keep my body flexible and pain-free."
-Chris Ferreria